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Technology has revolutionized the modern world.  Telephones changed the way we communicate.  Automobiles revolutionized the way we travel and the internet brought the world and instant knowledge into our living rooms.  Innovative technology is profound, revolutionary and can impact every aspect of our lives.

Today we are on the cusp of another revolution in technology.  It is an innovation set to change the way people perceive their environment and NXN is leading the way with a new and ground breaking proprietary technology of multi-color changing, electrochromic polymers (ECP’s).  Our ECP’s encompasses electrochromic nanopolymers that reliably shift between colors, hues and transparencies upon command, via a micro-voltage (Bluetooth).  Simply stated, our technology is a “coating” that, when integrated as a devise, to all forms of common consumer materials (glass/plastics/metals etc.) changes color or transparency of that product on demand with the touch of a button or the command of your voice.  From sunglasses and cars, windows and hair, to smartphones, cases, toys and clothing, the list of products into which NXN’s  technology can integrate is virtually limitless.

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NXN Licensing is the world’s leading commercial licensing vehicle of new and revolutionary electrochromic multi-color changing polymers.  NXN’s proprietary ECP’s have the ability, when applied as a devise, to change the color and opacity of common, consumer materials/products on demand, thousands of times with the consumer controlling the color/opacity and clarity.

NxN’ s new breed of revolutionary, color changing polymers.

Changing the way, we see the world.

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