NxN Licensing is the world’s leading commercial licensing vehicle of new and revolutionary electrochromic multi-color changing polymers.  NXN’s proprietary ECP’s have the ability, when applied as a devise, to change the color and opacity of common, consumer materials/products on demand, thousands of times with the consumer controlling the color/opacity and clarity.

NxN’s primary focus is the monetization of NxN’s innovative and proprietary technology of on-demand, color changing polymers vis-à-vis product integration into global markets. NxN Licensing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Biltmore Technologies, is the primary licensing vehicle NxN utilizes for the commercialization and monetization of our exclusive intellectual property (IP).

Under the umbrella of Biltmore, our NxN subsidiary functions as the repository of all intellectual property, patents and proprietary inventions. NxN conducts monetization, scientific research, prototype development and technology integration for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies.  Additionally, NxN operates as a “corporate firewall” between NxN’ s global licensing clients and our robust university academic partnerships, thus, allowing for complete confidentiality of the client’s research and development while utilizing world leading academic research.

This blend of licensing, research and academic participation offers NxN’ s licensees a remarkable opportunity to integrate leading-edge, exclusive technology into diverse, global product lines.<b/r>