John Coyne

A leading technologist and entrepreneur with expertise as a software C-Suite management executive, industry advisor, and developer of transformative business innovations, John R. Coyne is a published inventor with multiple patents issued and pending in advanced software technology.

In high technology, financial services, media and defense industries, he has developed innovations that have transformed assets and business performance for all stakeholders.  With decades of experience in business, technology and consulting, including the successful startup and development of several enterprises, Mr. Coyne has proven his executive prowess in developing thriving businesses from scratch.  He has managed operations in the U.K., The Netherlands, Germany, France and Ireland for both public and privately traded companies.

Acting for Netscape, he was the principal architect of a strategic partnership with Citibank, an alliance that generated substantial Netscape revenue.

Mr. Coyne also founded the Object Technology Group for SHL Systems house, generating significant sales that led to its acquisition by MCI.  He was a principal in IPECO; an intellectual property company focused on invention and innovation technologies for e-commerce concerns.

He was a founding member of the Rosetta Project, a privately funded research group that provided transportable software languages based on BCPL.  He also founded Base technologies, which produced the world’s first windowing software for PCs and the world’s first multi-file access operating systems enhancements.

Mr. Coyne also started Cool Technologies, which provided the basis for multi-component object classes that could be re-combined to produce “applications-on-demand.”

He was the senior lead in the development and sale of artificial intelligence based mainframe systems developed in Europe.

Other past positions have included Director of Advanced Solutions for KPMG and Director of Strategic Consulting for Oracle, a division he founded.